ICT Soup is a grassroots effort for crowdfunding creative projects through community meals in Wichita, KS
What ICT Soup Is All About

ICT Soup is creative crowdfunding dinner series held at Harvester Arts. For a small donation (suggested: $10 or more/ $5 or more for students), dinner guests evaluate pitches for up to five creative projects. After short presentations and a question-and-answer period, everyone votes for their favorite proposal over a dinner of delicious homemade soup, bread, and dessert. The winner of the most votes takes 100% of the money collected at the door.

Become a patron of the arts at our next dinner and help make Wichita a more interesting place to live!

[Vegan, gluten free, and paleo friendly options will be available. Children are welcome, though the program may challenge the attention span of little ones. ICT Soup is a laid back affair; please dress however you feel most comfortable.]

How ICT Soup Works

*At each ICT Soup there will be several presentations      with ideas ranging from art, film, literature, education and more.


*Each Presenter has 4 minutes plus 5 minutes for  questions from the audience.


* After the presentations we will eat! This is the time for  everyone to talk and discuss the ideas, meet new people  and get to know the presenters. 

*Afterwards the community votes on the project they  want to see happen in Wichita.

*Whichever presenter gets the most votes wins all the money collected at the door!